Church of Enlightenment


To a Church that wants you to be lighthearted. :)

We want to create a place that you can come to just for fun, which can also help enlighten you through a network of friends if you should come across some heavy times.

The folks that hang out here have an interest in enlightenment.  Their missions are:

1. Enlighten yourself; Allow others to enlighten you
2. Learn to maintain your enlightenment
3. Enlighten others
4. Train others on maintaining enlightenment
5. Train others to enlighten others
6. Train others to train
7. Categorize techniques that achieve these missions

The Church is non denominational and accepting of anyone of any faith (or lack of faith) so long as they don't object to, or act against, the Church's missions.

Group Meetings will consist of funny readings or live comedy routines which are examples of how to deal lightheartedly with life's precarious situations.  "WORshipping" is not done in groups as folks have different ideas of what is "WORthy", so there will be group exercises practicing these situations and a response, which is inclusive.

Our ministers do not practice counselling -- they don't tell you what you should think -- they are public speakers and life coaches who help you to find your own answers through self-discovery exercises.  Everyone is considered to be fine in spirit, and just needing a bit of enlightenment to get over any heaviness they have about life.  Anyone with good intentions can perform the services listed here with a bit of training.

The core motto of the church is "Right pain, right gain".  We specialize in teaching you how to turn every single painful experience you have had, or will ever have, into a "lessON" that will "lessEN" the pain.